Translation Rights

The Translation Rights team are: Lisa Baker, Laura Otal, Anna Hall and Aleksandra Watrobska.

Lisa Baker

Laura Otal

Anna Hall

Lisa Baker (Rights Director, works directly with publishers in France, Germany, Italy and the Netherlands.

Laura Otal (Rights Manager, works directly with publishers in Brazil, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Portugal, Poland, Norway, Spain and Sweden. She also works with co-agents (listed below) for Chinese, Japanese, Czech, Slovakian, Korean, Romanian and Russian territories.

Anna Hall (Rights Assistant, handles all Arabic, Cambodian, Estonian, Indian language, Israeli, Latvian, Lithuanian, Macedonian, Mongolian, Serbian and Vietnamese deals. Additionally,  she works with co-agents (listed below) in Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Indonesia, Thailand, Turkey and Slovenia. Anna also handles all general enquiries, departmental administration and contracts processing.

Aleksandra Watrobska (Finance Executive, handles our accounts and tax forms.

Permissions: Please see our Permissions information here.

We also handle translation rights on behalf of all titles from The Robbins Office in New York, and selected titles from Jane Turnbull (

Our co-agents are:

BULGARIA – Anthea Literary Agency

Katalina Sabeva  –


For Aitken Alexander titles – Big Apple Agency – Maggie Han –

For The Robbins Office titles – Bardon-Chinese Media Agency – Meng-Ying Hsieh –

CROATIA – Kátai & Bolza Literary Agents

Réka Bartha –

CZECH REPUBLIC & SLOVAKIA– Kristin Olson Literary Agency

Kristin Olson –

HUNGARY – Kátai & Bolza Literary Agents

Orsi Mészáros –

INDONESIA – Maxima Creative Agency

Santo Manurung –


All titles are divided between the following co-agents:

English Agency Japan – Hamish Macaskill  (;

Japan Uni Agency – Miko Yamanouchi (;

Tuttle-Mori Agency – Ken Mori –


For all titles except clients of Chris Wellbelove – Korea Copyright Center Inc. – Heejin Mo –

For all Chris Wellbelove titles – Eric Yang Agency – Jackie Yang –

MACEDONIA – Anthea Lit Agency

Katalina Sabeva  –

ROMANIA – Simona Kessler International Copyright Agency

Andreea Focsaneanu –

RUSSIA – The Van Lear Agency

Julia Demchenko –

SLOVENIA – Plima Literary Agency

Vuk Perisic –


For Aitken Alexander titles – Big Apple Agency – Chris Lin –

For The Robbins Office titles – Bardon-Chinese Media Agency – MingMing Lui –

THAILAND – Silkroad Agency

Jane Vejjajiva –

TURKEY – AnatoliaLit Agency

Cansu Canseven –

You can download our London Book Fair 2020 rights guide here.

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